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Hello, my name is Talia DeGisi. I am an aspiring young web developer in the Kansas City area, focusing on front-end web development and design. I also have an interest in graphics, interfaces, writing, site structure, and user experience.

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Clean Forum Theme

A modern, minimalistic, open source message board theme written in SASS.

Demo   Repo   On Themes Site

Superman Hangman

A Superman-themed hangman game written in Vue.js.

View   Repo

Lovely Gradients

A simple vanilla web app for sharing my hand-coded CSS gradients that others can copy and use.

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Sonic VS

A proof-of-concept for a turn-based (RPG-style) fighting game, written in vanilla JavaScript.

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Trinity Career Institute

Designed and developed website for nursing training institute using WordPress, Bootstrap, and SASS.

Live Site


Real Estate Templates

Homepage templates for real estate agent websites.

Template #1   Template #2   Template #3

Promotional Page

Page explaining company's website service. (Text written by me as well.)


Web App Redesign

Beautified design of app and implemented it using Google's Material Design and custom CSS and JavaScript where necessary. (Not publicly available.)

Screenshot #1   Screenshot #2