Front-end web developer and designer

HTML ⋅ CSS ⋅ SASS ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ TypeScript ⋅ Vue.js ⋅ Alpine.js ⋅ WordPress ⋅ AEM ⋅ Design

Making digital dreams come true!

Hello, my name is Talia Hatfield (maiden name Talia DeGisi). I am a web & app developer in the Tampa area, focusing on front-end web development and design. I also have an interest in graphics, interfaces, writing, site structure, and user experience.

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Major Work Projects

Work on T-Mobile Site

I made various contributions to the current T-Mobile website by developing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) components using HTML, XML, basic Java, SASS, TypeScript, and Alpine.js (and did unit testing in Jest and JUnit). Get in touch for more info.

Android App

App made using NativeScript-Vue (a framework for making native apps with Vue.js). (Not publicly available.)

Screenshot #1   Screenshot #2   Screenshot #3

Real Estate Templates

Homepage templates for real estate agent websites, designed and coded in CSS by me. (The live examples may differ from my original design due to customizations & requests of the customer.)

Web App Redesign

Made new design for a WordPress-based web app and implemented it using Google's Material Design and custom CSS and JavaScript. (Not publicly available.)

Screenshot #1   Screenshot #2

Additional Work Experience

Personal Projects

All are both designed and coded by me unless otherwise stated.

Clean Forum Theme

A modern, minimalistic, open source message board theme written in SASS.

Demo   Repo

Cartoon Dog Creator

A fun Vue.js app where you can choose various options to customize an SVG dog graphic.

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WordPress Blog Theme

A custom WordPress theme (a child theme for Understrap, a starter theme that uses Bootstrap) for my personal blog, made using SASS, JavaScript, and basic PHP.

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Superman Hangman

A Superman-themed hangman game written in Vue.js.

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Bike Club

A sample website for a theoretical bike club.